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There are no rules save the ones we make for ourselves. We can have any world we want, and this one is what we have chosen. To change it we must simply choose differently. Remember the system is fragile. Every civilization is only three meals away from anarchy. We can make it better. All we really need is that powerful dream to aim for, and the courage to defy those that say it can't be done.

The Communism vs Capitalism debate : we need a third way

I get annoyed, disheartened and frankly a little bored by the all too familiar comments I read on the internet on the subject of capitalism (particularly on the Guardian website which I read often). A seemingly endless recycling of the … Continue reading

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Still defiant

I know I haven’t been posting much in recent history. I guess it’s because I hate repeating myself and I’ve been feeling a lot lately like its been said. That being said however, there’s still more to come. ;)

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I like this I like it a lot. He could go further but it’s a great first step.   DI

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Sacred Economics {I meant to post this months ago, but I’m posting it now}  :)  

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Permaculture as a tool for liberation

Thats what these people are proposing, and I for one like it! Check it out: Also, from the same blog is this great article on anarchism that is certainly one of the better written I have come across – and … Continue reading

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Wealth is not how much money you have

        I don’t think we need a re-distribution of wealth, I think we need a re-definition of it. No life is considered well lived without love, without some sense of connection and meaningful employment of time, but we … Continue reading

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Who knows best?

The more ‘correct’ a country tries to be – and the more laws it passes to micromanage the minutia of it’s citizens’ behaviour – the less tolerant it becomes. The list of things that are ‘illegal’ now is growing at … Continue reading

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What are you waiting for?

      “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist” – Verbal Kint, The Usual Suspects (originally by Baudelaire). Similarly, we are all seemingly under the illusion that the solutions to all … Continue reading

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Human nature – born selfish or capable of more?

The question of human nature is a central one I think. It underpins the question : are we capable of having a better world than the one we have, or are any alternatives doomed to descending into chaotic/oppressive amplifications of … Continue reading

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When the Arab Spring has sprung

When religious political parties are democratically elected to power, it’s ok.. isn’t it? What exactly is wrong with religious and/or fundamentalist governments if they are democratically elected? Many in the west think of it as an automatically bad thing to … Continue reading

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