The main differences between Economies and Tigers

Tigers are strikingly beautiful animals that have arisen as as result of millions of years of evolution. Tigers fulfil a natural and vital role in their natural ecosystems – constributing to biodiversity and this play a part in sustaining life on our planet.

In the jungle, the economy might just get you a little anxious as you swat mosquitoes and jump at shadows moving through the undergrowth. Tigers will kill you.
Tigers would find it hard to bite and claw an economy.
If the economy disappeared, we’d still have tigers.
Once tiger’s are gone we cannot get them back.

Economies however, send tigers extinct.

Economies drive the view that tiger parts and jungle forests are commodities that will earn people money – incentivising their rapid destruction.The greater the depletion of the resource the more valuable it becomes and the larger the incentive.
If tigers disappeared, we’d have economies for a while, until other ‘resources’ started disappearing too, then we’d have nothing to run an economy with.
If economies disappeared we could invent them again if we wanted to.

The economy is imaginary, we made it up – tigers are real.

People think it’s important to protect the tigers …so long as it doesn’t cost too much.

Almost everyone thinks it’s more important to protect the economy.



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There are no rules save the ones we make for ourselves. We can have any world we want, and this one is what we have chosen. To change it we must simply choose differently. Remember the system is fragile. Every civilization is only three meals away from anarchy. We can make it better. All we really need is that powerful dream to aim for, and the courage to defy those that say it can't be done.
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