Wealth is not how much money you have





I don’t think we need a re-distribution of wealth, I think we need a re-definition of it.

No life is considered well lived without love, without some sense of connection and meaningful employment of time, but we must remember that everything we have now, and everything that our present concept of wealth is based on is directly and inextricably derived from a functioning planetary ecosystem. No market, no asset and no finance is possible without fresh air to breathe, nutritious food to eat and clean water to drink.

To have any of those three we need stable bio-diverse ecosystems that are managed -stewarded – in a way that is truly sustainable.

Sustainability. That is the key concept here. A word that seems much used and possibly abused, but it’s the key. Any action, process or system that is not sustainable uses more resources that it produces and must therefore at some point come to an end. This is not optional, it is inevitable.

So the end of what we see around us now is coming, that much is certain, but we do have a choice as to what we do about it. We can regenerate landscapes, we can decide to redefine wealth as having access to sustainable, well managed resources of food water shelter and energy and the best bit of all is that we need no other technology to do it than we already possess and no more ingenuity or creativity than what we have right now.

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There are no rules save the ones we make for ourselves. We can have any world we want, and this one is what we have chosen. To change it we must simply choose differently. Remember the system is fragile. Every civilization is only three meals away from anarchy. We can make it better. All we really need is that powerful dream to aim for, and the courage to defy those that say it can't be done.
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