How to be rich

We all want to be rich don’t we?

..but we can’t all be rich. There’s not enough money to go around.

Besides, if everyone was rich then no one would be..
So under this system, someone has to lose if someone else is to gain.

..but what happens after you get everything you want? What is it all for?
All the things that you don’t need, the ones that end up owning you.. the day the thirst for consumption dries up. What after that?
What do you do the day after you no longer care what anyone thinks of you?

All the things we ultimately need are essentially free.
You can’t pay a tree a produce fruit, or a patch of dirt to sprout a vegetable.
You can’t yet buy more oxygen than anyone else. Water falls from the sky.
Shelter is made from all things that need only sunlight, water, a healthy eco-system and time.
Handled sustainably, all these things are eternal and bountiful.

Beyond survival; Love has no dollar value. Happiness can’t be bought and sold. The exquisite feeling you get inside when something truly wonderful happens, it cannot be purchased. Someone taking your breath away with a kind act, it can’t be picked up off a shelf.

So then what’s all the rest of it for? When did we end up believing any of it was necessary?

When you strip it back and take an honest look, we are already capable of having everything we need and all we ever really want – peace, love, acceptance, meaningful lives, happiness.. and not a single one actually requires money.

Not unless someone invents an obstacle between you and those things, then you need to invent something to get rid of the obstacle – say money. Then you can give it to them and the obstacle can be overcome. But then they invent another one.. and so on.

This imaginary wealth increases their imaginary power and before long they have an imaginary empire that enslaves millions who believe in it. The only threat to it’s power is the wavering of belief in it. When the believes doubt then it’s strength shakes and sometimes crumbles. These moments are sometimes called revolutions, or in modern times – financial crises.

A plant doesn’t produce less fruit if we don’t believe in it, yet entire corporations – even countries – can disintegrate on the whim of negative expectation, and with them lives and livelihoods. Very real consequences yet all as a result of something that is (at it’s core) imaginary.

We invented money. Probably seemed like a good idea at the time.
The bit that we seem to have forgotten is that it’s entirely fictional, and in all meaningful ways – worthless.

Is this obvious? It seems so, and yet.. why are we sending people off to war to fight for vague notions of power, control over pieces of the ground (that some might argue we can’t truly own), and ultimately sall for this imaginary money. The wealth brings the power.. Wealth so that we may all have the right to be free to do the things we are ultimately free to do anyway. The only power anyone has over us is that which we give them.

We are already rich.

Shhh don’t tell anyone though, there’s no profit in it for you.


About defiantidealist

There are no rules save the ones we make for ourselves. We can have any world we want, and this one is what we have chosen. To change it we must simply choose differently. Remember the system is fragile. Every civilization is only three meals away from anarchy. We can make it better. All we really need is that powerful dream to aim for, and the courage to defy those that say it can't be done.
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